by Imraan

What a great post! How treacherous is it that the elite white men from the Global North are able to continue to escape from their guilt and turn a blind eye to their ongoing crimes.

Though the ability to forget can sometimes be a mercy, choosing to forget is quite the sin.


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In a recent interview with the Evening Standard, William Hague argued that Britain needs to get over its feelings of “post-colonial guilt”, stating that we have a “new and equal partnership” with countries unburdened by our colonial past history. Apparently we all need to ‘relax’, because Britain’s empire history is “no longer an issue for the rest of the world.” Is that so? In what world do the populations of former colonies, British or otherwise, no longer consider the lasting consequences of decades of exploitation and oppression “no longer an issue.”

Presumably, all that post-colonial guilt was washed away with Jeremy Paxman’s incondite effort to portray colonial administrators as benevolent public schoolboys on a mission to improve healthcare and education for the darker folk, in his very establishment series “Empire”. Owen-Jones has already…

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