by Imraan

Hello to my faithful three readers! I just wanted to write to say hello, and to wish you well. I know I haven’t posted in over a month, and I apologise for this. Things seem to be getting the better of me lately and I’m spending an extraordinary amount of time reclining! But I am very much alive. I’m just recouperating from a rather taxing car-journey to visit relatives in Leicester and Birmingham (I’m at the latter as we speak…or as I type…) and will be home in a few days! 

A dear friend has recently launched a rather good site http://www.abiggersociety.net/  – which comprises of several blogs and articles combine from a range of writers, a large number of whom are from the London-based Muslim community. The pieces are intentionally quite short and thus very readable, and some of those that are on the site so  far are pretty good! Definitely worth a read. 

I have some musings that I”ve been working on that I’ll try to write about and post later – they’re about ‘Reclaiming Shari’ah’   – but just in case MI5 are reading this – don’t be alarmed. I have no hostile sentiments toward this country, it’s people or the West. Okay, I get a ‘little’ annoyed at the Government and the utter contempt they have for international law and just basic humanitarian principles, but then I’m entitled to those views. But for too long are we Muslims allowing our own discourses to be misappropriated by others…so once I’ve composed it I’ll post it and I’d love to know what you think.

In the meantime, keep smiling.