To Quench the Thirst of the Gnostics…

Repeat to me the mention of His Names,
And polish hearts with His light and brilliance,
And fill the glasses for the souls,
For they are yearning to drink.
A Name from which the universe took its light,
On earth, sea and sky;
The minds of men are dazzled by its qualities,
The hearts of men are brightened by its light.
When its majesty is revealed to hearts,
They sense the mystery of its glory and brilliance.
The hearts of the righteous are glad to be near it;
It takes them up to its highest heights.
The repetition of His Name,
Is the dearest of His blessings to the gnostics.

Found in: Ibn ‘Aṭā’ Allāh al-Iskandarī, (trans. Khalid Williams), The Pure Intention: On Knowledge of the Unique Name, (The Islamic Texts Society: Cambrdige, 2018), 59.