On ‘Logic’

by Imraan

I’ve recently joined a book-discussion group with a couple of dear friends, and the title we’re discussing is Logic and Transcendence by the late Frithjof Schuon, a philosopher and comparative-religions’ scholar, a man who many consider to have been a modern sage. I’m falling back on my reading as my health has other objectives, nonetheless it gives me something on a weekly basis to look-forward to!

He seems to eschew a large part of the Western analytic and philosophical tradition in general. There’s a very incisive short passage that I shall re-post for you here, which gave me something about which to chuckle.


 A rationalist is a person who upholds the primacy, or rather the exclusive worth, the reason against both intellection and Revelation,  each of which he accuses of being “irrational”: he will claim, for example, that a miracle is irrational because it is contrary to reason, which is an altogether useless pronouncement since nothing in any religion is opposed to reason such; the most one can say is that the supernatural is contrary to common experience and to certain subjective tendencies that have been systematised and then given the name of logic. (!)

Maybe, just maybe, he has a point :)