And now for something rather different…’How to Kill Mugabe’

by Imraan

Dear Friends,

So here’s something that I quite thoroughly enjoyed, that was put together by a classmate of mine from university (School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London in case anyone is interested) and a couple of her friends.

Expletives aside (please take this as a warning!), I think the underlying message is rather cleverly (though certainly not subtly) conveyed. I don’t know if a SOAS education (and alas, a couple of drinks probably – NO, I don’t condone this) contributed to this particular piece; I quite enjoyed how they lampooned this liberal postcolonial idiocy of looking at ‘Africa’ as a project and a playground, in the most crude and overt of senses.

Mo’ammed was perhaps my favourite character. His sentiments seem to echo a certain ‘type’ (though I don’t like typecasting) of person who I’m fascinated by and cannot in the least understand.

This was a pilot episode. If you enjoyed it, please share. If you have any feedback, I’d be happy to forward it on. Please excuse the somewhat poor production value (at this point I wonder if the subdued laughter track of sorts was cleverly intended…)