“…they think ‘denial’ is a river in Egypt…”

by Imraan

Goodness, I was so saddened to hear of the demise of one of my heroes, Zig Ziglar. I had taken some time off of my social networks so I could focus on…well…sleep…and only recently found out that ‘America’s Master Motivator’ had passed away in November of last year.

Anyhow, (and please if ignore this if you’re of the cynical disposition), here is one of my favourite clips of his. His words, to a large extent, helped me get through a very difficult time in life  when I fell very unwell (prayer of course, too); this clip has soared in popularity and is very much worth the ten minutes that you give to it. And then the ten minutes thereafter when you hit ‘play’ a second time.

His lectures called How to Get What you Want, and particularly See You at the Top are an excellent investment!