What happened to my life?!

by Imraan

My dear friends,
I must apologise – I had promised some months ago to write something about Shari’ah law and about what our relationship to it, as Muslims in the ‘West’, could look like. I had put a fair bit of thought to it and I *think* I wrote much down, alas I’ve now gone and dropped my laptop a couple of times and thus rendered it unusable!

Nonetheless, I thought I’d offer a little update on me. Alas, I’ve been a little absent for a couple of weeks, I’ve been a little off colour – some 10 days ago I was taken to hospital because…well…I was being eccentric.

Who knew that if you call NHS Direct to ask for advice about chest pain and describe it as crushing, they’d insist on sending an ambulance! Quite impertinent actually… ;).

I’m fine, actually. No I wasn’t having a heart-attack as they feared (thank God Almighty) – I’m a little embarrassed as the on-call emergency doctor suspected it might be a bad irritation of the stomach caused by a change in medication…or it could just be a manifestation of this lovely syndrome known as M.E which was triggered probably by my walking a fair distance the day before – further than I’d managed in many months. Either way, it serves me right for wanting my independence! Haha…(Ok, don’t laugh then :p).

The ambulance ride was awesome – I should really have laughing-gas piped to my room – might save the NHS a bundle on tramadol!

Anyhow, I was out that same day but alas, the exertion and overstimulation with light and sound (alas they thought I had a ‘chronic tiredness condition’!) has resulted in a little relapse – the myoclonic jerks are a treat! My head feels like it belongs to a doggy on a dashboard being exposed to one of those sand-dune adventures they sell in Dubai to give you that authentic nomad experience!

Not that I’ve been – I shouldn’t judge…I hear you, Skye! Anyhow, I’m finally feeling a little more awake so you’ll hear from me soon, God-willing, but I’m just going to try to rest off the next few days as I have several engagements in the coming weeks.

On a side note, I just heard a really interesting programme on BBC Radio 4 which I believe is available via iPlayer across the world called Thinking Allowed with Laurie Taylor; the topic of discussion was “The New Arab Man” which discussed male fertility issues in Muslim-majority countries and what steps men are taking to combat this increasingly apparent problem, in the face of scientific advances, shari’ah/Islamic law, and ‘traditional’ models of marriage.

Can be accessed bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006qy05

Love to you all.