Knowing something big?

by Imraan

It’s just me musing today. I’m back from a week in hospital, which was rather long. Am mostly stuck in bed now recouperating. I have a lovely zimmer frame to use temporarily – I asked my sister what to name it, and without batting an eyelid, she said ‘Arthur-itis’! Made me chuckle no end. I suspect that she’s appropriated it from somewhere else without realising it; however it was hysterical.

My point to day is about how to ‘know’ something that is far ‘bigger’ than our comprehension permits. Hypothetically  (and if it had solid borders), what if we had the ability to walk toward the largest star in the observable universe, arguably VY Canis Majoris? – A start that might be 2,000 times as big as our sun.

What if it wasn’t so increadibly hot and bright and we were say, able to walk toward it. What would happen to a human being if he was to stand at the edge of it’s majesty and look up at it? My mind shudders just to think of it – I couldn’t imagine merely walking up toward something (assuming that I’d even notice it was there as it’s size would probably envelop my entire horizon  – what if it ‘knew’ that it was there all along and knew the general direction in which to walk – though funny enough my mind seems to argue that in fact, every plane of existence and space around me, in front of, behind, under, would be engulfed by the star – counter-intuitive as it seems) of that natue , a perceptibly infinite object, as that; yet what is it we do every day to the Creator of that star, of our enitre universe. No humility. We stand at the door of true Majesty and we fail to notice that He is there, from within ourselves. I might argue that knowledge is knowing that the star is massive, but truly Knowing is how we spiritually respond to it.

Yet we are constantly invited, the door is left open yet we stand outside, arrogantly turned away from it because the Master of the House is apparently beneath our dignity to recognise. We might seethe in hatred because we recognise that the house is too beautiful for our lower selves to Love. We know in which direction to walk, yet how many of us actually bother? We are so pathetic.

Here I am, so blindly, so ignorantly, comparing knowing the Lord with a star so miniscule in His comparison that I’m bordering blasphemy. Perhaps the only way to begin to recognise the Almighty in this sense is in the way of the ‘old’ – don’t worship the star, of course not, but recognise its grandeur. Then ponder over why it is that the Lord of the Universe doesn’t seem to warrant a greater reaction, more humility, from us.