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Good Terrorists, Bad Terrorists (as it seems, in both cases, it is us!)

In case you’re wondering who the good terrorists are…you know, the ones committing horrendous crimes internationally… well it looks like it’s about to be us…again. Of course, with our supporters in al-Qaeda; the spiritual inheritors of those jihadists whom we trusted so much in the ’80s’. Abandon all hope… at least in us. O how I lament for our Syrian brothers…

This needs to be read. We need reminders…warnings… no doubt our leaders will not read these.

“Does President Obama know he’s fighting on al-Qaeda’s side?”

He, and they, are ready “to fight to the last drop of other peoples’ blood” as George Galloway said to that belligerent “drink-sodden ex-Trotskyist popinjay” Christopher Hitchens once. Look at what happened to his career. Let us hope he has paid for his crimes, too.

Sheer arrogance – O leaders of the free world, just where exactly are your grandfathers now? Do you nor think that you will join them? There is a poetic irony here; the men who are so ready to inflict death don’t seem to think that they too will die some day. But most likely they will not be blasted and their limbs shred from their bodies or hanging by tendons; most likely no invading or occupying army will be responsible for their deaths; most-likely, fire will not rain from the sky targeted by a drone that is operated by someone in a desert in Nevada; most likely, their country will not be taken over by a bunch of murderous jihadist monsters who will decimate the land and savagely oppress their people.

The trouble is, that they are almost totally secure in knowing that some day they will die in comfort. Perhaps in their beds, warm and surrounded by their loved ones. A comforting, dignifying thought. Which is perhaps why they cannot comprehend the fact that their involvement in the Middle East over the last decades has caused immeasurable suffering.

One wonders why on earth these powers think that they have a right to get involved in a war thousands of miles away from them? A war, incidentally, which they caused, and would only be continuing.

Why have we, as an ummah prostituted ourselves to these powers that have never served us; we have enslaved ourselves to the hypocrites and the treacherous long before black gold was discovered; do we not remember the Fitna, with the forming to a large degree a treacherous and godless dynasty that ruled over the Muslims, who had not decades before been liberated from ‘jahiliyya’…(ignorance), which led to another dynasty being formed…perhaps even more wicked and corrupt.

Why on earth are Syrians rebels, who apparently seek freedom, calling for interventions by the United States, when their own lands in the Golan Heights are being occupied by her satellite state next door; the country which has systematically massacred countless of their kinsmen over decades of disastrous foreign policy (anyone remember chemical weapons falling over Fallujah…or Gaza even…you know, the ones that they denied possessing or using, but then retired from service just this year).

They speak of freedom, when they supported the corrupt and wicked Mubarak; speaking of which what freedoms do the Saudis, Bahrainis or Yemenis have? What about the Palestinians?

Is anyone interested in what might become of the Kurds, Alawis, Christians of various stripes, the Shi’a – all of whom make up significant minorities.

Why is it that when the rebels used Sarin gas several months ago was no one tried for it; why were funds never stopped from going to them? Yet the Syrian government of course, which so-far hasn’t been involved in chemical weaponry as far as the evidence shows (though this can change), has become a pariah state.

Does anyone remember the claims by Syrian state media that there were armed terrorists causing chaos in the earliest protests – that they were involved in jihad long before the west recognised it. Only Robert Fisk had the courage to say this some months into the uprising of Syrians – but by which time already terrible calamities were befalling one of the last bastions of Arab dignity (at least compared to most other Arab states). Indeed, many anti-Assad Syrians are claiming that Hizbollah were involved right at the start – and if this is true, one wonders why the media couldn’t make this a more prominent point in their coverage. But they ought to be excused, because they were too busy to cover for the most part the tragic story that became and is Bahrain (an honest oversight), with whom we are now trading in arms.

Then Syria was suspended from the Arab League – because apparently this collection of “corrupt kings and puppet presidents” (Galloway) somehow had the democratic interests of their Syrian brothers in mind… ironic? What happened to Bahrain or Saudi Arabia in this regard?

Then the Americans and their Saudi and other allies formed the Friends of Democratic Syria – which then had to be changed in name because, hey, guess what, people weren’t that stupid to recognise the fatuousness of such a group.

There are many points and subtleties that will need elaborating and elucidating; but let us just remember Iraq. I was twelve years old at the time we went to war. Ignorant as I was, I thought just for a while that the removal of Saddam Hussein woulld bring freedom to that nation. That country had no history of continuous suicide bombings until we interfered…go figure…

We were shown maps of where the WMD’s were, we dismissed the reports of the UN Inspectors who went in to look for phantom weapons, we quickly forgot the link between Al-Qaeda and the Iraqi Regime…and it became a hunt for Saddam Hussein quickly…Does anyone remember when we lost track of as much perhaps 18bn Dollars of Iraqi money… (http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2011/06/19/missing-iraq-money-may-be-as-much-as-18-billion/)

Meanwhile, the farce of the peace-protest is ongoing, for both the Palestinians and the Syrians; one wonders what is next.

Shall we hold hands and wait for the apocalypse to come? Some say that the fate of world-peace rests in the hands of a rather suspect character that is Putin. But then, would I rather that it was in the hands of the criminal President of the freest country in the world?

Certainly, whether or not one believes in a messianic figure who will come and restore humanity to this world, I wonder if the only hope we have left is, in fact…hope – in some imaginative capacity. Certainly any real prospects seem to have been cast into the dustbin along with those allegations of WMDs and maps that Colin Powell ought to use for a burial shroud when his time comes. Hope though, you’ll ask, In God-knows-what?… For it certainly our Syrian brothers – or at least the ones with a shred of dignity  – will not place it in us, duped and doped as we are.

So who again was ‘wiped off the map’…?

EDIT: Read this  –  What Really Happened in Gaza this year.  – funny, eh, that a week after the US elections the Israelis began their assault – no-doubt Netanyahu was banking on a Romney victory, which would have seen a ground-invasion and a massacre of the Palestinians and possibly even an all-out war in the Middle East.


Am I so ignorant that I should be astounded at the gall of the Israeli Government. As Press TV reports (and I assume this is accurate), in retaliation of the state of Palestine being recognised once more by the UN – and the vote was pretty resounding, with 9 opposed and 41 abstentions), the Israelis are now going to build three-thousand more units in the already occupied West Bank.


Intriguingly, one has to wonder whether this wasn’t going to happen anyway – as we have seen in the last few years there has been an escalation in building of settlement blocks and outposts in what is called the disputed territories  – which, to be honest, is only a designation used by the guilty party that has violated every UN resolution on this matter since  November of 1967, when Israel gained (illegally) a tremendous amount of land (it has since only relinquished the Gaza strip, and subsequently moved those settlers to the West bank – Quelle surprise!

But the point is this – that the Israelis to this day do not want negotiations to begin with any preconditions (i.e. following the spirit of UN-242 which divides the land, however unfairly, in Israel’s favour nonetheless), as the Israeli apartheid wall (which I’ve seen) that was allegedly built for defensive purposes already violates that Resolution; taking up at least 10 percent of the West Bank – not to mention the settlement ‘blocks’ of road and water infrastructure which some estimates say will take up as much as forty percent of what (for the moment remains) the West Bank.

Of course the irony ought not be wasted on you that Netanyahu’s remarks at AIPAC and elsewhere suggest that Israel be recognised by the Palestinians as the Jewish Homeland (which of course is a straw-man argument since the Palestinians have actual proof that what is now Israel is where their homeland was up until they were forcibly removed from it, and moreover one-fifth of the Israeli population is of Arab stock) and secondly, that Jerusalem entirely be recognised as her capital – again, in illegally occupied Palestinian territory – East Jerusalem also being the centre for Palestinian economic and social and cultural life (thank you, Drs Chomsky and Benvenisti).

Moreover, for a state that claims its enemies would like to wipe it off the map (among other absurd things), and also is a state ‘committed’ to a two-state settlement with Palestine – Avigdor Lieberman aside (just as a side note the former club bouncer who is now Foreign Minister is a very different breed to the well-educated Israeli politicians that once existed – however unprincipled they were), – one has to wonder why they are so opposed to the UN recognising Palestine as a state-entity – considering that that is their apparent end game again the irony shouldn’t be wasted on you that their actions speak louder than ; the point is that Israel is acting like a spoiled child that knows its guilt but will continue to attempt to emotionally manipulate and bully those that try to curtail her ability to act out.

As we can see, the only way for Israel to retain whatever thread of esteem she might have in the ‘world’ (i.e. the West – the world that actually counts for anything these days) is to decide to define the borders with Palestine, as well as what the Palestinian legal border might actually look at. As we saw at Taba in 2001,  the Palestinian Authority were willing to let Israel keep half of the settlements to that point – which was a tremendously generous offer considering that Israel wasn’t entitled to any of it – recall, it is inadmissible to acquire territory by land and to transfer your population to that land – Israel is guilty on both accounts.

Robert Fisk has often remarked that a two-state solution is now dead (from what I gathered from his interviews on RT and elsewhere), given the vast network that Israel is building – as a colonial occupying power, so long as the Palestinians resolve never to suffer total humiliation, the only way for this settler colony to remain relatively safe is to continue to maintain a presence in the whole of the West Bank – how else will she police those roads built exclusively for Jews and Jews only, or how else will she continue to usurp Palestinian water-rights, or how else will she stop the Resistance from rebuilding and coming back stronger….


Here’s me musing….

I wonder now, given how the plight of the Palestinians is an exclusively European-caused problem – that if the Palestinians saw themselves as Arabs and decided that because of sixty years of persecution they might return to their ancestral home – (let us say for a second that we ignore the studies that show that Jews and Palestinians are actually of similar genetic origin – that they share a common ancestry), say, Saudi Arabia, an important client state to the US, how that would seem. After sixty years of persecution and the existence of up to seven million refugees scattered to the four winds, many living in Jordan, Lebanon and Syria as stateless people and in refugee camps, and others in the ‘West’, where is their case for having their own state?

You see, dear sympathisers of Israel, your logic falls here – at this point, the persecution of the Jews historically is rather moot – for they now have their own homeland, the fourth largest defence infrastructure in the world as well as a formidable nuclear arsenal, and moreover are internationally recognised – they are inflicting tremendous and barbaric suffering on the Palestinians whom they continue to subdue out of some sense of historical entitlement to the land which most of their ancestors had left some seventeen-hundreed years before; in exchange, they occupy a land that to this day have Palestinian claimants (these documents do exist) which has been their ancestral homeland continuously for centuries, if not longer .

To suggest these Palestinian Arabs return to say Saudi Arabia or wherever else is a preposterous suggestion – so why do you so gleefully support the right of the Zionists to do the same? Shame on you; may your mothers weep for you.

Piers Morgan meets Ahmadinejad

I think that this is a fantastic interview – for the most part, Ahmadinejad was very clear, very forthright. Whatever you make of his politics (and I’m considerabely more ‘Leftist’ than he is), I must give him credit for being one of those few political leaders who speaks honestly, makes no apologies for his beliefs and isn’t polemical in the way you see Western Leaders are.

If you have the time to spare, do watch this interview, please! The translator did a very good job too.


PS – I know some will not watch this because they’re not fans of Piers Morgan (I don’t like him much, but prefer him to Larry King in a way because he’s more honest about what he doesn’t know) – but this was a fairly sympathetic and friendly interview. Just wait for the bit where Ahmadinejad tells him off (in his usual quiet fashion) for demanding answers based of what the former believes are false premises!

Seen it…? What did you think?

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