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A brilliant edition of ‘The Stream’ speaking of the cartoons and the rage that followed it; is such a shame that more voices of moderation aren’t given this kind of exposure.

That said, I think the discourse lets-off too easily the greater power-play here – I read it as classical orientalism – a way of subduing the Eastern man because he is quick to murderous rage, necessitating condemnation from Western Governments and schooling in what it is to live in the ‘modern world’ (thank you President Clinton, you very wicked man).

Nouman Ali Khan was particularly excellent – speaking of the moral imperatives as opposed to the legislative ones which are important. And I think that that moral space should be recognised; as a person of ‘belief’, I wonder if it is a failing on the part of the faithful that this has been allowed to be perpetrated; our world today seems to be blinded by the notion of rights that extend even to the bigoted (which is fine in principle), the only problem being that we are so individualistic that we block out moral voices and moral instruction as soon as it interferes with our whims and desires – isn’t the point of morality (and I speak of universals here) that it should be able to shape or control our impulses for wickedness?

It’s an unpopular view to have, no-doubt, in today’s world. What do you think?

The Accidental Theologist

Great conversation on Al Jazeera’s The Stream yesterday:  I was with Lisa Fletcher and Anushay Hossain in the studio — I love her blog Anushay’s Point  — and Omid Safi, Nouman Ali Khan, and Michael Muhammad Knight joined in on Skype.  Plus an excellent video comment from Hind Makki in Chicago, which led to a lively post-show discussion, starting at the 25.15 mark, on reclaiming the narrative from both ‘Islamist’ extremists and Islamophobic bigots.

It’s a good thing Nouman Ali Khan wasn’t in the studio, because I’d only have totally embarrassed him by leaping up to give him a huge hug.  I really do have to figure out how to be cool on TV…

Like I say, hang around for the post-show segment — the silent majority is silent no longer!

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30 things about meme – my invisible illness

30 things about meme – my invisible illness.

This is a great contribution for M.E-Awareness by Dannie, a severely-affected M.E patient who is bedbound. It’s incredible that she has such a positive outlook and leads a pretty full life (in the sense that it is possible to have one from bed). Do have a read if you can.

Love to you all,

Piers Morgan meets Ahmadinejad

I think that this is a fantastic interview – for the most part, Ahmadinejad was very clear, very forthright. Whatever you make of his politics (and I’m considerabely more ‘Leftist’ than he is), I must give him credit for being one of those few political leaders who speaks honestly, makes no apologies for his beliefs and isn’t polemical in the way you see Western Leaders are.

If you have the time to spare, do watch this interview, please! The translator did a very good job too.


PS – I know some will not watch this because they’re not fans of Piers Morgan (I don’t like him much, but prefer him to Larry King in a way because he’s more honest about what he doesn’t know) – but this was a fairly sympathetic and friendly interview. Just wait for the bit where Ahmadinejad tells him off (in his usual quiet fashion) for demanding answers based of what the former believes are false premises!

Seen it…? What did you think?

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