Update – a bit random and scattered

by Imraan

Hello cyberspace!
I hope that this finds you as well as possibe today. Alas, I’ve had perhaps ten random views on my blog, don’t know who they’re from or if they’re following. However, it is somewhat cathartic to get my voice out, out there.

The world is rapidly changing, the war in/with Iran looks moree likely, Europe is slowly crumbling (especially with Greece), and Britain is declining. I, on the other hand, have made small improvements – what’s interesting is that I feel rather guilty of this – my lifes quality is improving a little but everything around me collappses meanwhile. Sometimes I wonder, what’s the point of ever getting better if I can’t enjoy the world – not that I forget that I have a civic and moral duty (I preference the latter over the former) to try to contribute to the world in some positive way, and I hope I am someday able to do so. I’m reading a little more, again, thankfully, tough the brainfog is really heavy at times.

Friends of mine bought me a Kindle as a get-well present, and I’m reading a bit of ‘Infinite Jest’ by David Foster Wallace, which is excruciating but thankfully with the Kindle, it looks a bit easier to keep track of what I’m reading and not forget where I am, as well as it being easier on the eyes.
I’m loving my subscription to the London Review of Books, which has some really interesting insights; however the articles are rather long and I have to take them very slowly. I’ve subscribed to the New Statesman, which might help me keep track of the news; I’m hoping it isn’t wasted on me.

In terms of ME – I had a month where I woke up every day paralysed from the neck down, thankfully for short periods, this seems to have subsided somewhat. I hope that it doesn’t come back and I can make steadier improvements. My body seems to be rallying a bit, in that I feel stronger inside though my activity levels are still pretty low. I’ve made some friends and am using texts and BBM to keep in touch – though I’m more severely affected than most of them, I seem to have more stamina and don’t relapse as easily.  A blessing, I guess; but I keep overdoinng it so I have no idea when I’ll start to make larger improvements.

Okay, that’s enough for the night; I hope that whoever finds this is having a pleasant day.