Sounds like…

by Imraan

I was a little bored after my rest this afternoon, and couldn’t sleep due to the ringing in my ears (a wonderful part of ME), so I thought I’d try to write a poem on it. It’s a bit muddled, but it was a fun way to pass some time.Perhaps my last attempt at poetry, but it was rather cathartic.


A ring
A ringing
Essentially the same
Yet in one you indulge
The other indulges you.

Could a sound smell so sweet
As a buzzing bee to a rose
A singing bird at dawn
A water dripping
Drenching a thirsty land?

When the sound throbs
Pulsating – a desperate heart
Screaming and wailing
Yearning sweet release
Yet the cry goes un-heard.

A clock ticking
Forever through emptiness
A night unrelenting
The void and the silence
Thundering through eternity.

Then dawn breaks
The humming and the harmony
A world animated
Its music thriving
Yet seems a mere screech

Could I smell the ‘crack’ of dawn
Would the scent of birdsong
And the aroma of rainfall
Awaken me – soothe my crying spirit
Over the ever-ringing wail of my heart?