The Day the World Stood Still (again)

by Imraan

Goodness! Great job, today, dear American friends.

Fox has apparently called it in Obama’s favour tonight; looking at the stream from the Romney HQ in Boston, it is just so, so white. Funny that, eh…

I was so worried those 2012 end-of-the-world predictions were going to come true.

As a friend just wrote to me, “…Russia has probably turned the missiles back off.” – I’m inclined to not view this as merely rhetoric.

I thought today that I might savour the sky (even though I didn’t get out of the house at all) – I was so worried that we were on the precipice of having nuclear clouds lining our horizons had a certain crazy Republican won. I thought we might have been on our modern brink of the Cuban Missile Crisis – I’m sure that even people in the Middle East can finally breathe with some relief. The BBC has just called it in Obama’s favour (and he apparently did it without Florida or Virginia) – if that’s true – then it is nothing short of Grace. The Senate looks as if it has been retained by the Democrats too.

Moreover, he’s the only other President aside from FDR to win despite the economy being in such appalling shape .

Now, I’m not a fan of Obama – far from it (I wish Nader had run, really) however I cannot but share my elation with you, dear friends, because, to be honest, when a fanatical jingoist stands the chance of winning, it really sends shivers across the whole world, even in the West.

As I type, the BBC just called Nevada for Obama – a safe state for him, despite the unemployment. Let’s hope Obama get’s to 300 – it appears he may not have won the popular vote – but in 2000 I think Fox calling it for Bush is what probably determined the event, if Michael Moore is to be believed. Even so, perhaps my estimation of the Founding Fathers has just risen. Maybe they did know what they were doing, at least a little, after all.

Best wishes,